Client Testimonials

After six years of increasingly debilitating pain and reduced mobility, Fred Klatt, 68, was ready for a change. Always an active sportsman, Fred consulted Animas Spine for solutions. After a couple of hours in day surgery at patient-friendly Animas Surgical Hospital, Fred is now pain free, thanks to minimally invasive radio frequency ablation therapy. Here's what Fred has to say:

"I went from crippling pain to vigorous exercise almost immediately - and the effects are nearly permanent."
- Fred Klatt

Don Shank, 63, experienced increasingly debilitating pain and numbness in his arms and hands due to a traffic accident. His symptoms rapidly progressed to weakness in all four limbs. At Animas Spine, he was diagnosed with a severe spinal cord compression in his neck. Don underwent urgent surgery at patient-friendly Animas Surgical Hospital. Almost immediately, Don was back to his old self - pain free with full return of his strength.

"The results were remarkable and immediate. I highly recommend Dr.Davis and the Spine Care Center at Animas Surgical Hospital."
- Don Shank, South Fork, CO

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